Introduction to MDS training

Children can spend over 20% of their school day out of lessons and in the school grounds. Our bespoke MDS training workshop helps schools develop a positive environment utilising grounds in creative, positive and cost effective ways.

With creative thinking, good organisation and proper use of equipment, playtime and lunchtime can quickly transform  attitudes and activities on a playground without spending a lot of money.

The Course Comprises The Following Elements:

  • The role of the lunch-time supervisor.
  • Providing for wet-weather lunchtimes.
  • Health and Safety issues.
  • Zoning the playground.
  • Playground markings.
  • Type and use of equipment.
  • Appropriate activities.
  • Strategies to enable play.
  • Organisation and delegation.
  • Communication.
  • Training and organisation of lunchtime “buddies”.
  • Dealing with situations in the playground.
  • Competitions and fund-raising.
Workshop Objectives
-  To reinforce the importance of the lunch-time supervisors’ role.
 - Ideas of how to implement strategies in school
 - Share ideas for creating a calm Dining Hall
 - To examine ways of organising the playground and identifying appropriate equipment.
 - Opportunity to experience activities and games
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