Level 1 is an exciting gateway to starting your cycling adventure.  A journey of many miles starts with the first step. Level 1 takes place off-road, normally on the school playground. This means that children can learn in a traffic-free environment.

Most children take part in Level 1 at school during Year 3 or 4. This is when they are between 7 and 9 years old. 

We know that all children are different – some are more advanced at an early age and some are more anxious to let go of those stabilizers.  But don’t worry – it’s ALL normal! Whatever the age, Bikeability is here to support and guide you.

What will I learn?

Bikeability Level 1 teaches you

Maintain your cycle: make sure your ride is in tip-top condition and make simple repairs

Glide: smooth, calm and collected

Control your bike: including setting off, cruising, slowing down, braking and stopping. You’ll even learn to pedal one handed!

Pedal: without feeling wobbly or out of control

Be aware of your surroundings: looking behind and turning around obstacles.

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